NEW YEAR NOW - Daniel Ocean

A friend of mine, Mr. Daniel Ocean, is a super successful and stylish blogger who has recently written a post that I instantly connected with. Much like Daniel, I had recently chose to kick the booze to help me stay focused on fitness. Monday of this week I committed to a 6 day workout plan. We seem to have hit a very similar mark in our fitness goals and I wanted to share his words with all of you! 

"New Year in October

We all fall out of our fitness grooves from time to time. Even as a lifelong fitness addict and ex fitness professional, I just…got in a rut myself. A skipped day turned into a skipped week and then I went almost a month without breaking a sweat. Keeping things in perspective, I know that it’s not the end of the world because sometimes shit just happens, but it’s a bad habit to accept complacency. To settle for “oh I’ve been busy”. I am 31 years old, I am doing some things in my life and my career I wouldn’t have dared to dream about doing 18 months ago. I have decided that growth and this opportunity deserves the healthiest me. The strongest me. The sexiest me? I say that with tongue in cheek and a hint of sarcasm but what the f*** is wrong with being the most confident and handsome man you can be. We all know a healthy body and a healthy mind can lead to some you doing some amazing things professionally and personally.

So instead of waiting for January 1st to get back on track, I’m going all in now. I’m hittin’ the holidays in the best head space I’ve ever been in. For me, I get there with physical release. I know it’s time to get my ass back in the gym when I become stressed and irritable. A bad-ass workout will ALWAYS rid that tension and it’s what turns fitness from a need to an actual hobby. When you get a high from the sweat, you’re hooked. I remember when i used to personal train, that was exactly the feeling I was trying to conjure in my clients. Actual fun working out. When you not only know but feel that you are walking away from the gym a better person. You are inspired to eat better, supplement  your body better, and just live well.

Yesterday was day one, I write this on day two and I will not miss a single day until December 1st. Not one, man. I am even giving up the beers and vodka so I have no hangover excuses. I will not accept complacency. Who’s with me?

Ok you know I’m not going to share a damn thing without a little style element. Half the fun of fitness is the gear. Here’s my head-to-toe outfit from my friends at nike Canada. From the “Just Do It” emblazoned leggings, hoody from the Tech Pack Collection, Dri-fit shorts, tank & hat and the Prestos. Oh, those Flyknit Air Prestos…"

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