WHISTLE APP- How it all began

Laura Davidson, Jake MacDougall and Jarek Hardy are the three minds that make up the dynamite team behind WHISTLE. For Laura (WHISTLE founder) the idea developed from her own personal struggle with staying motivated and accountable to a regimented fitness routine. She would look to friends or family to stay committed to a workout but found that majority of the time, schedules didn’t sync up, or that they were simply interested in different activities. This presented itself as a common problem in the fitness world that she felt she could fix. Combining her work experience in the Venture Capital world with her passion for fitness and social connection provided the perfect mix to bring WHISTLE to life. 

Laura found her Co-Founders, Jake MacDougall and Jarek Hardy, in March 2015. After presenting them with her idea, it was evident that they shared the same vision and passion for the project, and thus it was ultimately an easy decision to decide to work together. Jake (Head of Design) is a motivated designer who strives to create unique and meaningful visual solutions for any project. Jarek (Head of Technology) is the lead in technology, and WHISTLE’S go to for any in depth tech needs and web/ app development.

What the heck is WHISTLE, you ask? Well, WHISTLE is a convenient mobile app that connects active, like-minded people by location, activity interest, time of day, and age. It makes finding your workout partner effortless through a basic matching principle controlled by back end algorithms. WHISTLE is changing the way people connect in the fitness world. By bridging the communication gap between like-minded fitness enthusiasts, the app connects you with others to keep you motivated and accountable without breaking the bank on a personal trainer. Sometimes it's even as simple as needing an opponent for that morning squash game.

Looking forward, The WHISTLE team hopes to see their app bring a sense of community and social connection into the fitness world. They want WHISTLE to help you become the best version of yourself by connecting you with others just like you striving for the same goals. The WHISTLE team truly lives by their motto and sweat together regularly. They love attending F45 Training workouts in Liberty Village, as they offer a partner style HIIT training circuit which is very in line with model of WHISTLE. Sweat More – Sweat Together.

Please continue to check in with the WHISTLE blog for updates on the latest news around fitness, fashion, diets and more.