THE BOOTY CRAZE- 5 Effective Glute Exercises for a Beyonce Worthy Booty!

As spring kicks into full gear and summer days are just around the corner, we naturally start to feel a more urgent pull toward the gym. Suddenly that salad seems more appealing than the burger and fries option over your lunch hour, and that cozy spare winter tire around your hips just needs to go. The most worrisome, however, are those butt-hugging booty shorts and bathers we’ll be sporting once that hot weather sets in, whether we’re looking bootylicious or not. Are you on a mission to get your gluteus maximus in prime condition for bikini season? Here are 5 exercises to incorporate into your workout regimen for a Beyonce worthy booty! 


I know, I know, duh right? No one loves them, and they seem so “basic,” but they really are the queen of butt building exercises. Using your own body weight and lowering yourself as close to the ground as possible at a 90-degree angle is a great way to start. That being said, if you start to feel like you’re plateauing, there are many variations of the basic squat. For instance, try holding a weight while you squat for more of a challenge. You can also incorporate a bosu ball, and do your squats while balancing on this to work additional muscles and ramp up the intensity. Just make sure to push your buttocks as far back as you can to take some of the strain off the quads, and go as low to the ground as you can for optimum results.

Stability Ball Single Leg Lift:

Warning- this one requires good balance. Place a stability ball (you know that big, round bouncy one that’s always floating around the gym?) on a low bench. Lie with your stomach down on the ball, and slowly lift your leg backward and upward, keeping it entirely straight. Lower and repeat several times, then do with same with the other leg for a super toned tush! (If you’re not great with balance, perhaps lose the bench.)


This exercise works your lower back, glutes and hamstrings. It involves lying face down on the hyperextension bench, and bending slowly forward from the waist while keeping your back completely straight. Bend forward until you feel a stretch in your hamstring and can’t go any further without bending your back, and slowly bring your torso back up to the starting position. Repeat. Do a few reps of this exercise every time you work out and presto! Bodacious Booty.

Cable Kick Backs-

This exercise can be performed using a cable machine at the gym or tubing band at home. Perform this glute exercise by attaching a cuff around your ankle and standing in front of the cable pulley machine or where tubing is attached. Keep your body parallel to the floor and kick back as high as you can. This will target the top area of your glutes. Depending on the angle at which you do your kicks from, and how high you lift your leg, you will target different areas of the glutes. Trust me, you’ll feel exactly where it’s working! 

Hip Adapter-

This one also involves using the cable machine while you kick your leg as high as you can, this time to the side. This will shape the sides of your glutes, so it’s recommended that you do it in combination with cable kickbacks for a nice, well rounded booty!

A few general pointers when doing booty exercises:

-        If you’re not looking to bulk up your legs, but contain the muscle buildup to your glutes, keep it wide and high. Meaning, put more distance between your steps (i.e. In a lunge) and more elevation in your leg lifts to take weight off the quads.

-        Train fast and light. While it’s important to feel the burn, you want to build lean, toned muscle without bulking up too much elsewhere. Rapid, lighter sets will help to achieve a long, lean and ripped look.

-        Push from your heels, not your toes. In any exercise (i.e. The stair-master) make sure you are pushing from the heels to avoid putting extra strain on your quads and hamstrings, and keep the concentration on the glutes. 

If you feel like you need some moral support on your butt building journey, try one of these classes for a solid booty sculpting workout!

Booty Sculpting Classes in Toronto:

Hourglass Workout- Intense Glutes Class A Queen West gem, this studio focuses on sculpting those womanly curves! This intense glutes class will whip your butt in shape (literally) before you know it!

Flirty Girl Fitness – Call of Booty. Conveniently located in the trendy King West area, this popular class will give you a butt that will “stand at attention and maybe even give a salute.” Sign me up!

Beach Pilates- Bootybarre Flex and Flow - Located in the beautiful Beaches area, this class is amazing for sculpting the legs & booty!