Let's get real, who doesn't love a Hi5? It is physically impossible to raise one without cracking a smile. That's just hi5 science.


They are a grassroots community 5km run that takes places once a month throughout the streets of downtown Toronto. Their mission is to bring a smile to someones day and genuinely make people feel happy. Something that could happen a lot more in today's world...

Through random acts of kindness, spontaneous flash mob sequences and of course thousands of hi 5's, these runners make their way through the city's core and watch as people get thrown out of their daily grind by a group of runners yelling "free hi5's" on their commute home. 

A group full of positive people cheering, blasting music and staying active draws everyone's attention on these otherwise dull city streets. One of the most recent runs raised over 22,000 Hi5's...they know this because one of the runners created a custom glove that COUNTS every Hi5. Pretty epic. 


A few weeks ago I matched with Vince (an avid Hi5 runner) on WHISTLE. After a short conversation he asked me if I'd ever heard of the Hi5 Run and if I'd like to join in on the next one. Admittedly I was a bit nervous as last night was not only my first Hi5 Run but also my first 5km run... ever. Going into it I wasn't sure I was going to make it through the entire route, but the constant distraction of encouraging people to give you a Hi 5 completely took my mind off running. 

After the run, the entire group sat by the waterfront and finished off the evening with some much needed hydration and food. WHISTLE has not only introduced me to a whole new world of fitness, but a great new group of positive and inspirational people. I look forward to the next run and highly encourage this for anyone who is an inexperienced runner or anyone who is looking to try something fun and unique in the city. 

A big thanks to Blake and Elan for organizing this monthly event. Below is some additional information regarding the run as well as links to their social network. 

Cost: $5

Distance: 2km option or 5km option

Experience Needed: Zero - leave no man behind mentality

Check out Hi5 Run on Facebook for more details.