Health Chat: Mike Barbour of GoodStuff Brand Teaches Us The Importance of BCAAS

Mike Barbour, founder of GoodStuff Brand & Sports Nutrition Expert, spoke with WHISTLE and gave us some insight into his growing company and ACTIVE 8's / ACTIVE BCAA's. We hear these acronyms all the time in the health and fitness world, but do we really know what they mean? And are you aware of what products might be better than others? Mike has got you covered in our interview with him below. 

Mike Barbour 

Mike Barbour 

W: Why did you start GoodStuff? And what is your personal health and fitness background? 

MBGoodStuff Brand was launched in May 2014 with 2 Coconut Water Products at Sobeys stores. Our business always had a vision to break into Lifestyle Sports Nutrition and bring clean and efficacious products to life designed for Lifestyle Athletes. 

As an individual I have many years of experience working with professional athletes from both a marketing and a sports nutrition product stand point. Before starting GoodStuff Brand I held an executive position for North Americans largest Sports Nutrition company, crossing paths and building relationships with many athletes. Through direct feedback from my network, I was able to create formulations and branded products that I knew there was a need for and were desired by high preforming competitors and athletes across North America.

W: Can you give an example to our readers what GoodStuff is? 

MB: GoodStuff Brand is Lifestyle Sports Nutrition for high performing athletes and competitors. We only use the most innovative and effective ingredients sourced from across North America. Each GoodStuff Brand product is designed to give ACTIVE individuals and high performers an edge in physical training and competition. Our first 2 products are both 30-day servings of Pre-Workout (ACTIVE 8) and BCAA’s (ACTIVE BCAA). Our brand of Lifestyle Sports Nutrition is an innovative category that we consider ourselves leaders in and pride ourselves on believing in a lifestyle of fitness that each of our customers is proud to be involved in. 

W: Can you give our readers an understanding of what a pre-workout complex and active BCAA's are, and why it's necessary in integrate into their diet? 

MB: A “Pre-Workout” complex is powder mixed with 8OZ of water and consumed before exercise or physical activity. Specifically, ACTIVE 8 Pre-Workout is designed to give you lasting energy and allow you to preform at high levels of output and consistently force those levels of output to preform longer, allowing for a better overall exercise experience. 

“BCAA’s”or better known as branched chain amino acids consists of 3 amino acids, leucine, isoleucine and valine. Using a BCAA product can promote muscle protein synthesis and increase muscle growth while acting as an aid in offsetting fatigue. Specifically, ACTIVE BCAA can be taken anytime during the day to keep you alert and hydrated. ACTIVE BCAA is best used as a “intra-workout” supplement, taken during exercise to both aid in mental alertness and keep the body hydrated.

W: What makes your products stand out from others on the market? 

MB: Many sports nutrition supplements  on the market today will focus on deep discounts due to low  quality ingredients, bodybuilding and sex. Our brand is unique as we position ourselves in a category we call “Lifestyle Athletes”, consisting of ACTIVE individuals who want the best for their bodies and performance levels in all aspects of life. Many of our online customers are wall street & bay street hustlers who rise early to start the day in the gym and understand the importance of performance both in fitness and work. We add value to both by helping you reach your fitness goals and exceed energy levels throughout the day. We also see a lot of customers who are fitness professionals who preform multiple workouts a day and require both mental and physical energy to meet deadlines and targets. These are just 2 examples of how we set ourselves apart. As the business owner, I find the best way to describe who we are is we give ACTIVE Individuals the opportunity to Surprise Themselves With What They Are Capable Of, which leads into our current campaign slogan; “Are You Crushing It?


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