As cliche as New Years Resolutions are, I think January 1 is a great time to set new goals for yourself. The holidays are over and it’s the beginning of a brand new year and month. Fitness becomes most peoples resolutions. People are mostly motivated during the first few weeks of January and I can see the number of people at the gym slowly die down. Today, I’m going to talk about ways you can stick to your goals and how to stay motivated.

Start With Small Steps

Maybe you can start with taking the stairs everyday for the first week or committing to the gym three times that week. Don’t go to hard at first and end up with no fuel. Take it easy. Listen to your body and do what makes you feel good.

Join a Gym

Ok, this is pretty obvious but hear me out. January becomes the busiest time for gyms and seeing so many people working hard is extremely motivating. Just being surrounded with like minded people can help you push a little harder during your workouts.

Find a Workout Partner

If you have a friend that has the same goals in mind as you, coordinate your workouts. It becomes a lot easier when someone is doing it with you. Don’t have any workout friends or looking to make a new friend? There’s an app for that. Whistle app is an awesome app created to find like minded fitness friends near you. It’s like the app Tinder, except you’re finding a workout buddy. Simply download the app and select the activity you’re interested in. You can even choose the time of day that works for you and the app will match you with a local fitness buddy. It’s easy, fun and free to use! Download here:

Follow a Fitness Program

Going into a gym and doing an exercise here and there can leave you confused and lacking motivation. Hire a trainer to create a fitness program for you, join some classes to pick up some moves, or research exercises online and create your own workouts.

It’s Ok to Slip

You’re human, it’s ok to slip. Just make sure you get back on track. I feel that once we get off track it’s hard to go back. If you’re going to have a treat just promise yourself you’ll hit the gym extra hard next time you train.


What are your New Year’s resolutions? Do you believe in resolutions? Are they fitness goals?

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