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Let’s face it, eating healthy on the go can be easier said than done. Meal prep can, undoubtedly, set us up for success within our diet regime, but anyone facing an often-hectic schedule knows that having every meal prepped and at our disposal throughout the week is usually more of a dream than a reality.

So for those days that leave us scrambling for a meal option that hasn’t come from our own kitchen, where do we turn? Luckily, a city like Toronto always has it’s finger on the pulse of every latest health food craze and fan-favourite, providing the health conscious fast-food consumer with a wide array of delicious, nutrient-dense options. Need help narrowing down your next destination for a healthy lunch or dinner to go? We have you covered with our local favourites:

1. Garden Gangsters

Nestled in the heart of Liberty Village, Garden Gangsters opened their doors late this summer to offer a sprawling menu of smoothies, cold pressed juice, coffee, breakfast, bowls and salads using high calibre ingredients that are often hard to come by in the fast-food department. These ‘Garden Gangsters’ live by a simple code: Respect Your Hustle. Keep your head, heart and body in the game with nutrient-rich, premium-quality healthy foods that keep you focused and on your grind.

2. Calii Love

Calii Love is a local hot-spot known not only for their poke and smoothie bowls, but for their impeccably Instagram-worthy aesthetic. Graphic walls, bright countertops, a colourful angel-wing mural outside — these are just a few of the beloved add-ons that come with any of their superfood menu offerings. LA inspired, the King West cafe offers authentic Hawaiian staple food, poke, acai bowls, superfood smoothies, coffee and more. The name ‘Calii’ is Hawaiian for ‘Strong Woman’, and if you’re in need of a workout too, there are often yoga or fitness classes hosted in their attic space throughout the week.

3. Kupfert & Kim

For the Vegans and plant-based lovers among us, Kupfert & Kim is a widely popular, plant-based, quick-service restaurant with multiple locations across the city. Their menu offers a large selection of minimally-processed food ranging from fresh-baked goods (the cashew cookies are amazing), breakfast waffles, smoothies, Vegan burgers of the day, salads, RISE Kombucha, cold pressed juice and more.

4. Impact Kitchen

Impact Kitchen has quickly made a name for itself in Toronto, acting as a totally gluten-free kitchen with both paleo and vegan options for the health conscious city-goers amongst us. Their mantra is built around the belief that food is perfect just the way it is: unmodified, unrefined and unprocessed, which is why they only serve the highest-quality, nutrient-rich, protein-dense, real, plant-based whole foods. Breakfast, power bowls, bone broth, soup of the day and slow-cooked stew, cold pressed juice, baked goods and more — they have it all. Added bonus? You’ll never find added conventional sugars in their food (they stick to coconut sugar, honey and maple syrup).


FLOCK is a health-food chain serving rotisserie birds, sandwiches and customizable, multi-ingredient salads, which now boasts 5 locations across downtown, Toronto. Their chickens are naturally raised without hormones or antibiotics and their ingredients are fresh and unique (you can add items like wheat and goji berries, pomegranate seeds, orange segments, French lentils and more into your salad). Whether you’re looking for a speedy take-out option, a casual dine-in spot or a crowd-pleasing cater for your next event or meeting, FLOCK has you covered.

6. B. Good

Another diet-friendly option with multiple locations around the city, B. Good offers house ground burgers, hand cut fries, bowls, fresh salads, shakes, smoothies and more all made with locally sourced ingredients. They even won an award for the Best Turkey Burger in Toronto back in 2015. Need to cater an event but want to keep the spread healthy? Look no further, B. Good offers dine-in, take-out and catering services.

7. Fresh

Another Toronto Vegan chain favourite, Fresh is as great for take-out as it is for a sit-down, casual lunch or dinner with friends. Fresh offers a full line of raw, organic cold pressed juice and a traditional made-to-order gourmet juice bar alongside their vegan-friendly, expansive menu (with dairy options available). Tacos, burgers, onion rings, poutine, salads, bowls, wraps, corn bread, cookies, cupcakes — the options are seemingly endless, and deceptively vegan even for those who don’t usually opt for the vegan option (AKA delicious). All their food is made daily, in-house, from whole, natural and organic ingredients.