STUDIO SPOTLIGHT x Fit Factory Fitness

by Amy Simmonds @englishsimms

The STUDIO SPOTLIGHT series continues this week with the most-badass of Toronto fitness studios, Fit Factory Fitness.

The second-floor studio, located on King Street just east of Spadina, features floor-to- ceiling windows, a large, open studio (not a treadmill or elliptical in sight), a lounge-area for members to hang-out between classes and a Smoothie Bar. Clean change rooms for men and women include lockers, showers, and washrooms, along with basic personal hygiene products and amenities to use pre-or- post workout.

Just as the FFF website says, “Fit Factory Fitness offers one-of- a-kind training unlike any other program in the city, with over 200 signature Boot Camp, Boxing, Strength & Conditioning, and other specialty classes a month.” If you want to leave sweaty, exhausted, red-faced and, let’s face it, questioning your athletic ability, then Fit Factory is the place for you.

As soon as the class begins, you are moving for the next 45-60 minutes. (They offer handy 45 minute classes in the morning and at lunch for those needing to squeeze in a workout in their busy schedules). There is no sitting, leaning or lying in a Fit Factory class. You get caught for leaning? Burpees for everyone!

Their popular Boot Camp class offers military-style fitness training, complete with push-ups, jumping jacks, bodyweight squats, box-jumps, kettle bell swings, rope climbs, TRX rows, sprints…the list goes on. Every workout is different, and each instructor has their own flare that they add to the class. And don’t be surprised if the instructor yells…a lot. Fit Factory is developed from military-style training, and they do not hold back when teaching a class. (FFF is co-founded by Sgt. Tony Austin, a former U.S. Marine Corps Drill Instructor.) Love-it- or-hate- it, the workout is tough, even brutal at times, and the instructors will challenge you from start-to-finish. But your body, and mind, will thank you for it later. I challenge you to not leave a FFF class feeling incredibly accomplished, stronger and proud, ready to do it all over again tomorrow.

My advice? Keep an open mind, prepare yourself to be challenged, both physically and mentally, and get ready for a kick-ass workout!

What You’ll Take From It: a sweaty, high-intensity workout that will leave you feeling strong and proud. The class is all about positive vibes and teamwork (high-fives for everyone) and, after doing it for a few weeks straight, you’ll see changes in your cardiovascular ability (even with never touching a treadmill) and you’ll feel stronger from head-to- toe.

A brand-new feature to the STUDIO SPOTLIGHT series is a quick Q&A with the studio owner or trainer. Today, FFF co-founder, Ivan Ho, weighs in:

1. What was your vision when you decided to open Fit Factory Fitness?

The vision was to be a ‘one stop shop’ for all things fitness - whether you are new to fitness or you are a seasoned athlete, we've got the training system and methods to make you stronger, faster, and fitter. We want to be the best functional training facility in Toronto that guarantees our clients results no matter what their goals are. 

2. I’m completely new to Fit Factory Fitness. What can I expect for my first workout?

You can expect to be motivated like never before, our group training atmosphere and elite instructors will push you far beyond your limits, you'll leave dripping sweat with an amazing sense of accomplishment. You will also meet a ton of like minded individuals that will motivate you to come back for more! 

3. We want to know about you. What is your to-go exercise or move when you’re needing a good ass-kicking in the gym?

I'm all about "back to basics" body weight exercises, a lot of the training that I did during my varsity Track and Field days at Western [University] was focused on just that. Squats, lunges, planks, push ups, there are so many varieties you can do to target every single muscle in your body. You can get a kick-ass workout just using your body weight in 30 minutes by keeping rest short and intensity high. Don't use machines, become one!

Fit Factory Fitness is open 7 days a week and offers a complete training system that includes a variety of classes: Boot Camp, Boxing, New Recruit, Strength & Conditioning, Abs Assault, Lower Combat and MyZone. Full class descriptions can be found here.

Want to try a workout at Fit Factory Fitness?

You’re in luck! See below for details on the WHISTLE x FIT FACTORY FITNESS Sweat Session this Saturday, April 8th .