STUDIO SPOTLIGHT x Myodetox Performance

by Amy Simmonds @englishsimms

Last week I had the pleasure of trying a class at Myodetox Performance in Toronto. Over the past few months I’ve continuously heard whispers and rumblings of this mysterious gym, so when I learned that WHISTLE and Myodetox were teaming-up for an epic Saturday-afternoon sweat session, I was pretty excited. 

Located in a stylish, urban warehouse on Polson Pier, the gym spans two floors and includes everything you could need for a high-intensity workout. Clean showers, change rooms, washrooms and cubbies are located on the 2nd floor, and the gym, containing all the makings of a fun and sweaty workout, is located on the main floor: benches, kettlebells, barbells, boxes, monkey bars, peg-board, agility ladders, ropes, turf, a prowler – you name it, they have it.

The classes offered at Myodetox are divided into three categories: functional training, metabolic conditioning, and strength training. As the website states, “our high-octane, energy fueled classes boast a dynamic program focused on strength, functional, and metabolic conditioning training.”

My first experience at Myodetox was a class called MP[FIT], the gyms “signature, circuit training style-class that is built on the foundation of functional and relative strength.” The class was exactly what I had hoped it would be. It was challenging, fun, different, and overall, provided a killer, full-body workout. The group I was with – people who I can only assume were MP veterans – were encouraging, motivating and, more importantly, helped push me when I truly thought I could not do another prowler-push. The vibe is exactly what I look for in a gym – the music was on-point for the entire 60 minutes (insert fire emoji), and I immediately got the impression that people are NOT there to screw around.

The facility itself is located out of the normal downtown-Toronto bubble (Warning: your GPS will take you to the wrong entrance), and it makes things easier if you have access to a car (hello free parking!), but the workout is worth the distance. I felt strong, athletic, challenged, and motivated all within the 60-minute class, and I’m glad to say that I will definitely be back for another kick-ass workout at Myodetox Performance. 

What you’ll get out of it: a fast-paced, high-energy, challenging workout that is different every time you go. Each class will push you outside of your comfort zone and push your body to try things you never thought you could do. Think like an athlete, because after a few classes at Myodetox, you will absolutely start feeling like one.

STUDIO SPOTLIGHT Q&A with Myodetox Performance co-founder, Alvin Diaz:

1. What was your vision when you decided to open Myodetox Performance?

From it's inception, I wanted Myodetox Performance to be more than a gym. My vision was to create a culture where individuals can come together with confidence to push each other, to inspire, to motivate, and to share the passion for wellness and community. Our gym family is made up of some incredible people who come together daily to focus on one thing - to be better than yesterday.

2. I’m completely new to Myodetox Performance. What can I expect for my first workout?

When you first come in you will immediately notice that we don't have many machines in our gym, life confines us daily by sitting in a car or at our desk; so why should we? We believe in free movement; we believe in moving the only piece of machinery you will ever need - your body.

Our group classes are mainly partner-based as we believe we can achieve so much more when we work together. Our infectious culture between the members and coaches will push and motivate you to explore new levels of performance through exercises based on functional movement. Our focus on functional and natural movements will allows you to discover the world of structural balance and unilateral strength.

We also take pride in having the best music in the city as we have custom tailored playlists and mixes curated by some of Toronto's best DJ's. We typically start with a short explanation of what our focus for the class will be, then followed by a dynamic warm-up that includes mobility drills and exercises to prime your body for what's ahead. The fun stuff begins shortly after and our coaches will take you on a 40 minute sweat session that will unlock your true potential and push you to new levels never experienced before; and of course you will have someone with you every rep of the way.  We finally end the class with a cool down and stretch to wrap up the hour class.    

3. We want to know about you. What is your go-to exercise or move when you’re needing a good ass-kicking in the gym?

My go-to exercise is a combination of two movements paired together. When I am in need of a good ass-kicking I turn to a combo that I call "Deads and Sleds".  This killer combo begins with heavy barbell deadlifts (6-8 reps) followed immediately by 2 lengths (25 feet each way) of sled pushes with enough weight to slow you down slightly.  Four rounds of this combo will absolutely crush you! ;) 

 Myodetox Performance is open 7 days a week and offers a complete training system that includes a variety of Strength Training, Functioning Training and Metabolic Conditioning classes. Full class descriptions can be found here.

Want to try a class at Myodetox Performance?

See below for details on the WHISTLE x Myodetox Performance Sweat Session this Saturday, April 22nd.