By Angelynn Bland 

This week’s Studio Spotlight is featuring a studio in Calgary! Whistle App is teaming up with Reaction Fitness Saturday June 10th to bring Calgary a second Whistle Sweat Session.

Reaction Fitness is located in a trendy strip mall with plenty of parking in the North East of Calgary. The studio is a bright, clean and open space that offers everything you need to get your sweat on in just 45 minutes.

I had the pleasure of trying the RXN Rowing class last weekend which is a class that is centrally focused around a rower, which means you get high intensity results without a high impact on your body. They integrate other cardio & resistance equipment to keep things interesting, it was a challenging but fun class and a style that I’ve never tried before.

Reaction Fitness offers 5 other classes that they’ve crafted to work your entire body, strengthening all major muscle groups while simultaneously challenging you with intense cardio. And best of all? Classes never take more than an hour. So you can get a workout in and get right back to living your life feeling revitalized and energized.

What I like about this studio is you’ll never do the same class twice, I love changing it up and challenging my body! I will definitely be back to try all the classes Reaction Fitness offers.

STUDIO SPOTLIGHT Q&A with Reaction Fitness co-founder, Perri Scarcelli:

1.     What was your vision when you decided to start Reaction Fitness?

When opening Reaction Fitness we wanted to create a community that was welcoming to all fitness levels that provides fun, supportive, welcoming, organized and well run classes.

2.     I’m completely new to Reaction Fitness. What can I expect for my first workout?

Upon entering Reaction Fitness you we be welcomed by one of our friendly knowledgeable coaches. You will also notice that we take pride in keeping our facility clean and organized. When it comes time to your personal training session or fitness class you can expect to have our coaches motivate you while you complete the circuit, giving you that encouragement to push through and complete your workout with slightly higher intensity than you are typically use to. Our coaches are knowledgeable and we know that not everyone is of the same fitness level, some of us are just starting to live a more active life while others may have been living an active life for quit sometime now, so we provide antiquate instruction and modification for each movement to reduce injury, ensure everyone is safe and receives the results they are working towards in all of our classes.

3.     We want to know about you. What is your go-to exercise or move when you’re needing a good ass-kicking in the gym?

My go to workout would definitely involve the rower. Either with some sort of row circuit or a long distance row.

See below for details on the WHISTLE x Reaction Fitness Sweat Session this Saturday, June 10th.