by Lindsay Sganga @lindsaysganga

We kick off the start of our newest series - STUDIO SPOTLIGHT with the shinning star of fitness studios, SOUL CYCLE. As a Canadian based lifestyle brand, us northerners have been patenitly waiting for this fateful day to come. The Soul Cycle cult is now in Toronto, and we are believers. It officially opens March 2nd, but as your health & fitness go-to, WHISTLE got a sneak peak that will give you all you need to know. 

Photo Courtesy: Soul Cycle

Photo Courtesy: Soul Cycle

Much more than just another spin studio, Soul Cycle is a fitness community and you feel that the minute you walk in. The energy in contagious, the music is Shazam worthy, and the dark lit room feels surprisingly at home.  

"Let the bike talk to you, and you talk back." - Pascale, Toronto Instructor 

As someone who cycles weekly, I have to say I was hesitant to lose my Soul Cycle V-card. Was it going to be hard enough? Was it going to live up to the hype? Or was it just going to be another gimmick? I was immediately taken back when I wasn't able to calculate my ride and see the numbers in front of me, until I realized that that itself was the whole beauty of it. You can't see the gears, you don't know how fast you're going or what others around are riding at, you're all just letting go, following the instructor, and riding to beat that encompasses the room. 

You set an intention. You escape. You feel the soul. 

Photo Courtesy: Soul Cycle

Photo Courtesy: Soul Cycle

This 55 bike studio has a black & white minimalistic aesthetic with pops of yellow, and aside from bikes, houses an expansive lifestyle boutique selling SoulCycle’s original performance and athleisure clothing collections. Which includes the SoulCycle collaboration with the ultra Canadian label Roots, a limited edition varsity jacket. Along with the Wellness brand Saje locker room takeover.

SoulCycle classes in Toronto will cost $20 for first time riders and $28 per class on a regular basis. SoulCycle will also offer packages of five, ten and twenty classes. 

What You'll Take From It: release stress, tone muscle, find joy in movement and change in your body and life.