A few weeks ago I had the privileged of joining LululemonTO and the Academy of Lions for a social sweat called The Movement. We did roughly a 5 KM run in support of Momember followed by a super fun after party at the new Movember house on Richmond St. W. If you've been to the new Movember house you know this updated twist on a frat house/office combo will never disappoint. 

At this run they announced that Moe Bsat, a member of the Academy, would be running the Lions Loop 100 times to raise money and awareness for mental health. You might be thinking "so whats the big deal?".... Well the big deal is that the Lions Loop is a 1 KM loop around the streets of the Academy. THAT'S 100 KM PEOPLE!  

To put this into perspective...

  1. A full marathon is 42 KM...
  2. Moe will be running longer than you would be sitting at your 9-5 day job... 
  3. Moe could run to Oakville, back to Toronto and make it back to Oakville again...
  4. Moe is doing 250 laps of a high school track equalling 100,000 meters... 

THIS IS CRAZY PEOPLE. Below is the original post by the Academy where you can learn a little more about Moe's inspiration and even come and join him for a loop throughout his run. Support Moe and Movemeber and donate to the link at the bottom of this article. 

"Our community is truly incredible. It's filled with individuals who challenge themselves to be better athletes but more importantly better people. 

Hear Moe On The Podcast - Click Here 

On Dec 8th, Moe Bsat will embark on a day-long run that will challenge his mind & his matter. 

Moe was Inspired by the works of Sri Chinmoy, a meditation teacher who advocated athleticism, to raise awareness surrounding the importance behind a healthy body and a healthy mind. "Chinmoy states that without inner health we cannot have outer health and vice versa," says Moe.  "The chase for Mental and physical health are important pillars within one's life, but sometimes through rigors of daily life it becomes lost in the shuffle."

"By running 100kms I aim to bring awareness to the issues surrounding mental health illness and the important role physical health plays in battling against it." 

Moe will be running the "LionsLoop" 100 times starting at 6am on Thursday, Dec 8th. His goal is to have 100 runners join him throughout the day. to run 1km or more with him. 

One that day, all the workouts at Academy will include a 1km run to help support & motivate Moe during this challenging & inspiring feat.

Our 7:30pm Run Crew route that night will also take us on 5 trips around the LionsLoop with Moe. 

We're inviting everyone in our community out to take a class or run with our crew that day to support Moe.  Or, if you're around in-between classes, please stop by and run a KM or more with Moe. 

After the completion of the 100k, around 8:30ish, we'll be hanging out at the Academy to celebrate! 

If you're interested in supporting Moe, please come out, re-post on Social Media or contribute to Moe's Movember campaign: "







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