Top 5 Gluten-Free Spots Toronto


Rachael from GlutenFreedom has been passionate about seeking restaurants that can accommodate the gluten-free lifestyle for nearly 4 years.  She personally struggles with a gluten intolerance that has lead her on this journey.  Her site has become a popular resource for those wanting to venture into new neighbourhoods and trying different cuisines, despite being gluten-free.  She is passionate about eating well, staying fit, and general well-being which she shares through her platform. She put together a list of her top picks for delicious GF eats in Toronto, just for Whistle App users!  

Tabule Souk

The folks behind Tabule have done it again, they’ve expanded their Middle Eastern restaurant group to the Canary District with Tabule Souk.  While the cuisine remains the same (very gluten-free friendly), the concept is different from the other outposts, offering guests a more casual dining experience.

Top Picks

·      Beet taheena w/ GF laffa bread

·      Shakshuka

Impact Kitchen

Always on the hunt for new restaurants, I get particularly excited when I discover one that is completely aligned with my personal philosophy and approach to health and food.  Impact Kitchen has opened its doors on King East, with a specific mission in mind; creating minimally-processed, nutrient-rich real food.  Oh, and it’s completely gluten-free.

Top Picks

·      Warrior Bowl

·      Chocolate Paleo Cookies

 Arepa Cafe

An arepa is a Venezuelan specialty, which is essentially a flatbread made of corn flour.  At Arepa on Queen St, they offer a variety of sandwich-like versions by cutting the flatbread in half and stuffing it with different ingredients.  You can choose between vegetarian, chicken, steak, or pork; all are advertised as gluten-free on the menu.

Top Picks:

·      La Reina Pepeida  

Kupfert & Kim

The focus is on meatless and wheatless, which 4 years ago was heaven-sent for a newly gluten-free girl.  Kupfert & Kim quickly became and favourite and to this day remains the same with more locations and more delicious bowls to choose from.  You can enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner or a snack. 

Top Picks:

·      First Canadian or Almond Lime

·      K&K Waffles

Butternut Baking Co

 One of the latest bakeshops to hit Toronto is by far one of the best around.  Not only is it gluten-free, but it is completely grain-free, making it the first paleo-friendly bakery in North America.  Butternut Baking also doesn’t use any refined sugars, which is such a cause of concern in more baked goods.  There is no shortage of delicious tasting goodies in their shop.

Top Picks

·      Carnival doughnuts

·      Lemon tart

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